Every criminal case presents different issues and your case will be handled as a top priority. We will listen to you and ask questions to develop the best strategy for your defense. The process of defending a criminal case is stressful and complex for the client, friends, and family. Our attorneys are accessible, and we keep our clients informed of all important developments. Our firm provides outstanding representation to help you achieve the best results for your case.

Call us if you are charged with any of the following offenses:

* DUI * 

* Unlawful Gun Possession *

* Sex Crimes *

* Violent Crimes *

* Traffic Tickets *

* Retail Theft *

* Federal Crimes *

* Burglary *

* Drug Crimes *

Client Feedback

I highly recommend Attorney Sean Brown as an experienced criminal defense lawyer in any criminal case. Mr. Brown is very professional and well educated when it comes to criminal defense. It has been a long two and a half years I was fighting a serious case with enhanced sentencing a weapons charge. The Chicago police unrightfully stopped me and violated my fourth amendment right by doing an unlawful search and seizure of my vehicle. The end result of the case is that all the charges against me were dropped case dismissed. Again I would like to thank you attorney Brown for all your time and help.


Mr. Sean was on the scene at every police station I arrived too he made sure I was safe , relaxed & that my needs were met while being in custody. I was fighting a felony gun case that wasn't mine instead of a year etc. of trials my case was beat after two weeks. #casedismissed


Attorney Sean Brown is a great defense lawyer if u ever think about him he is the one trust me💯


Great Attorney who helped me and my family through a very tough situation. Would highly recommend.


He's a great lawyer, he gets the job done!!!


Very professional, knows his stuff, and loves what he does. Has won several cases for me, and his prices are fair. Thanks for your hard work and dedication.