The Law Office of 

Sean Brown


The Law Office of Sean Brown represents consumers who fall victim to bad business transactions. My client purchased a vehicle online from a private seller. The private seller advertised the vehicle as being in good condition and assured my client that the vehicle had no mechanical defects. 10 days after my client purchased the vehicle, the car's engine and transmission began to leak. Client later learned that the vehicle was previously salvaged, and the car had a rebuilt title. The Law Office of Sean Brown sued the private seller for the costs of repairs and, after trial, the court awarded a judgment in favor of my client!


The Law Office of Sean Brown offers top-notch criminal defense at affordable costs. Police on the city’s South Side stopped my client for allegedly failing to use a turn signal. This simple traffic stop turned into police searching my client's car and locating a loaded handgun on the side of the driver seat. The Law Office of Sean Brown filed a motion to prohibit the prosecutors from using the gun as evidence because the police did not have a valid reason to stop the car. After a fierce cross-examination of the police officer by Attorney Sean Brown, the Court granted my motion, and the case was dismissed!


The Law Office of Sean Brown knows the ins and outs of fighting a DUI. My client was arrested for DUI after being involved in a car accident, and the client told the police officers he had been drinking. My client has a commercial driver's license, so his very livelihood was at stake.  The Law Office of Sean Brown filed a petition to rescind the statutory summary suspension to prevent the client's license from being suspended. A hearing was held where Attorney Sean Brown successfully argued that the officer's testimony was insufficient, and the law compelled the court to grant the petition, which prevented my client's license from being suspended!


The Law Office of Sean Brown strives to resolve family disputes quickly and efficiently. My client's child was taken from school by the other parent without my client's knowledge or permission. The other parent then prevented my client from having any access to the child for several days. The client consulted with our office, and we quickly took action. The Law Office of Sean Brown filed an emergency motion to return the child and, after a hearing, the court ordered the other parent to return the child back to my client's custody! 


The Law Office of Sean Brown works hard to get top dollar for your injuries. My client was involved in a rear-end motor vehicle collision where the impact was so strong that it sent my client's vehicle crashing into a tree causing her to sustain serious injury. The client tried to settle with the insurance company on her own, but she was not getting the results she wanted. She contacted our office, and we filed suit against the motorist and insurance company responsible for the collision. The Law Office of Sean Brown was able to quickly settle the case in an amount that exceeded the client's expectations!